Writer’s statement

Writing is like breathing to me. I’ve honed it with schooling and experience, but it’s what comes most naturally to me. I’ve been doing it for over 40 years, and it still teaches, teases, surprises, frustrates and woos me. It’s my native environment: it’s where I work and play and live. Expressing myself with words and representing my clients through my words is deeply fulfilling labour. It’s a complete pleasure for me to support others to express themselves in ways that satisfy their sense that they have communicated with clarity and excellence.

Writing is a natural lead-in to editing for me. I have both an innate and trained understanding of structure, of how the mind flows from sentence to sentence, from paragraph to paragraph. Writing and reading poetry has increased my capacity to sense rhythm within prose, to listen deeply for the perfect word, to recognize the breathtaking power of a well-chosen turn of phrase.

I relish the iterative dance between writer and editor. I throw myself into the work of my clients and give all I have to each project. I listen deeply to each client’s needs, desires, told and untold stories. I am most privileged when I witness my clients’ writing flourish and reflect back to them their truest voices.

As a writer myself who has undergone the editorial process many times, I have a personal understanding of the need for both technique and sensitivity in an editor:  a good editor must be a master in both the technical and emotional realms. She must straddle both brain hemispheres in her bid to evoke the best of her clients’ creative potential.

Poetic Rhetoric

What good is your poetry if it
can’t heal wounds,
soothe a blistered arm?
As if words don’t stain this
litmus paper planet,
or a syllable whispered in the
Friday afternoon market
in Jerusalem
isn’t felt in the
Nigerian parliament, and the beaches
at Locarno and
English Bay.

Why write for a goal short of
complete transcendence,
when the easy glide of pen on page
can usurp misery,
wrest open padlocked
prison doors?

What good is your
poetry if it can’t
reverse aging,
correct blindness,
or resurrect the dead?

Listen, if you are taking the
time to sit still and receive,
why take dictation from
anyone less than