Writing + editing: Books. Social media. Websites. Blogs. RFPs. Newsletters. Feature stories. Profiles. Annual reports. Speeches. Presentations. Media releases. White papers. Resumes. Cover letters. Bios. Artists’ statements. Course curricula. Grad school applications. Enews.

Book-editing: Nonfiction. Spiritual. Self-help. Memoir. Poetry.

Consultations: On any aspect of your writing, from concept to finish

Seeking direction with a project. How to get to the next step. Creating an outline. Finding voice, Co-writing. Media concepts.

Creativity consulting: Artistic blocks. Writing blocks. Necessity to increase flow. Where to go from here with my art piece/writing? Old issues. New Solutions. Higher self letter-writing. Co-writing. Writing accountability partnering.

You set the goal in a consultation around what you would like to learn, create or achieve with your writing. I listen deeply and support you to realize your vision using a toolkit accrued over decades of writing, reading, editing, consulting and working as a complementary therapist. For interested clients, I fuse intuitive energy work and editorial consulting in sessions designed to create shifts!

Types of editing: Substantive. Copyediting. Proofreading.

Substantive editing looks at the document as a whole, with a mind to content, comprehensibility, intention, sequence, style and theme.

Copyediting and proofreading ensure documents are polished and error-free. Focus is on line-to-line clarity, succinctness, flow, logic, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Editorial rates:  $65-$50/hour (sliding scale): factors include length of document, complexity of project and deadline. Pro-bono sample edit for longer editorial projects.

Book-editing rates: $35-$65/hour, depending on level of editing required. Pro-bono sample edit offered.

Editorial approach

My approach with each author is tailored to their needs and requirements.

I edit at whatever level my client requests and provide as much or little direction as they require.

Unless asked otherwise, I make suggested changes to manuscripts using “track changes”, a Word function that allows authors to accept or decline suggestions.

I offer bulk rates for book projects when appropriate.


My goal with each author is to support their voice and the development of their work or manuscript with the best of my abilities. I am passionate about editing and devoted to bringing out the best of each author while encouraging and empowering them toward their goals. The editorial process requires both my creativity and sensitivity, and I value how personal the journey of editing is for each author.

I am at work on my own creative nonfiction manuscript – a series of memoir-like vignettes – and have made a study of the genre. I love working with authors in this genre because of the power these books have to transform the lives of their authors and readers. There is great courage to the intimacy of memoir, and I have a deep respect for memoirists.

I have published a book of poetry and am in the process of compiling several more.

I have provided editing for two spiritually-oriented manuscripts and have greatly enjoyed the process of weaving between the analytical and the metaphysical.

Beyond these specialties, I welcome all nonfiction authors and look forward to supporting them in their beautiful and sometimes-challenging processes.

Who taught you how
to listen
to the empty spaces
between words,
to evoke the unwritten,
like spirits,
from a pen? – from For Morgan, on mentoring my poetry

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