The following testimonials reflect voices of a few of the clients and associates I have been grateful to work with and know.

“Inkcat Media & Associates has provided me with exceptional products and customer service over the past three years. Marni’s enthusiasm, creative ideas, and attention to detail are key attributes that contribute to the successful writing of my quarterly newsletters. As a realtor with 25 years’ experience, I know the value of building and maintaining relationships. I also know the value of implementing a marketing campaign that is effective and brings results. Jonas Salk, humanitarian, said, ‘The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.’ Marni is indeed a treasured connection, and I look forward to many more projects with Inkcat Media & Associates.”

Temmy Ylagan

Temmy Ylagan & Associates, Vancouver, B.C.

“I am an aspiring writer, and Marni has been the perfect foil to my ‘I need you to edit my work … but don’t touch a word’ requests. She is patient, respectful, knowledgeable, and understands the needs and eccentricities of artists. In other words, she gets the work done and my ego stays intact! I highly recommend her.”

Jo-Ann Svensson, BodyMind therapist, West Vancouver, BC

Modern-Day Renaissance Woman

The Interdependent Life

“Marni has assisted me over the past twelve years in editing my work, allowing it to be presented in a way people find acceptable. She has helped me on many occasions, writing grant applications, a poetry book, and a play. However, the most critical contribution anyone has ever made in my life was the time she assisted me in charging two (senior) psychiatrists with malpractice.

“I was without a lawyer and was facing a very polished professional lawyer from the College of Physicians and Surgeons. It took over two years but in the end, thanks to Marni’s assistance, I got the board to write a reprimand against both doctors (a first in the history of this country). The outcome of this very difficult time in my life was a green light to see my daughter again.

“I have the deepest respect for the talents and integrity of Marni and would encourage anyone to provide her with an opportunity to assist them in their presentation.”

Phil Sarazen

Co-Founder, Artists/Environment Forum, Toronto, Ont.

“I was extremely impressed with Marni’s editing services. Marni worked closely with me until we produced a document that exceeded my expectations. She’s a very skilled writer and editor, along with possessing a professionalism and cheerfulness. I will definitely use her editing services in the future.”

Cheryl Harris

Healthcare Administrator, Vancouver, B.C.

“I cannot thank you enough! I am so happy to have made this decision and have you work with me! I just read your notes and was blown away! I think you have a wonderful perspective of my writing, both the challenges and the insights. I couldn’t have asked for a more poignant consultant. I will be referring back to this document again and again this weekend!”

Trina Furguson, Vancouver

“I am a high school drop out: Grade 8, struck by a severe case of classroom boredom. I am not a studious person, I do not read casually: but I am creative in several different mediums.

I am writing this in the first person, in the present. If I wrote “I was a high school drop out: Grade 8,” I would be looking over my shoulder. This is part of my style, an un-common feature I have been told by an English B.A. graduate. This style takes me back into the scene for memoir writing.

At a local Vancouver performance venue Marni Norwich and I were brushing shoulders on a weekly basis. I am a song-writer and Marni is a poet at that venue. Marni and I began conversing by e-mails.

A local publisher printed Marni’s book of poetry “Wildflowers at my doorstep” at this time. Marni’s sense of humour is enchanting (charming: bewitching).

The e-mails spurred the beginnings of a short story about one adventure from the 60’s that includes hippy communes and a pregnant dog: “Hitching with Dog”. This short story is now a self-published novella available at some libraries and bookstores.

I consider Marni to be my writing mentor. With poetry one does not waste words; I have taken on this style with my writing. To develop one’s voice in writing I believe it is important to write, write and write some more and hopefully have someone you believe in to read your work and lend a shoulder of support. I fell into such a relationship with Marni, and with that I secured a confidence in my writing voice.”

Ernie Sunndwn Shergold

Book editing

“I’m highly impressed with Marni’s editing service. She has assisted me over the past year in editing my first book and helped me considerably in believing in myself and trusting the writing process. Marni is a dedicated writer who has embraced my project with compassion and care, opening herself to my concepts and stories with personal interest and professional attention to detail. She doesn’t miss a thing and is consistently mindful of flow and structure as she probes for clarity, while remaining conscientious of my particular style of writing. I recommend Marni for anyone who wants to work with someone who is purposeful, committed and enthralled with their project.”

Linda L. Nardelli, Integrative Counsellor

Mystical Intimacy, An invitation to truth and belonging

“I feel so lucky to have found Marni Norwich when I began searching for an editor for my first children’s book. What caught my attention were her professional yet simple website and the many different editing/proofreading packages she offered. She exceeded my expectations. She was professional and thorough. Her knowledge and expertise was obvious and invaluable. I have no doubt that my work is much better for having gone to Marni! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Maritza Oliver, author and illustrator of Milk and Cookie, a Little Spooky, Burnaby, BC

“Marn Norwich was the obvious choice for the edit of my memoir this year. In the past, I had taken a few writing courses with her, and I enjoyed her remarkable ability to bring out the most creative aspects of my writing. I have been enthused by her points for consideration and her sensitivity to my story. She offered a range of thoughts with regard to my subject matter as well as a selection of possible avenues to take in the direction and arc of my story. She is highly skilled at editing and in catering to your needs as a writer, yet does not pander to your whims. She gets her point across with direction and distinction, offering a multitude of thoughts to consider. I highly recommend her for any writing endeavor you may undertake.”

Trina Ferguson, Vancouver, BC

“Marni is the ideal editor: knowledgeable yet humble; methodical yet creative. She was my first thought when I needed expert help for my memoir. Marni encouraged my unique expression and sense of rhythm while balancing it with questions that not only clarified the meaning I so wanted to articulate but helped me see the myriad of ways my words might be interpreted. Through this, however, she always made it clear that the final choice was always mine.

Encompassing all this is a sense of joy that Marni finds—and imparts to others— through the art of writing. She is an uplifting source when self-doubt and fear get in the way of doing what I love.”

Jo-Ann Svensson
BodyMind Therapist, West Vancouver, BC
Modern-Day Renaissance Woman
The Interdependent Life