Intuitive energy work

Marn Norwich is an intuitive energy therapist with 23 years’ experience and a background that includes Shiatsu, Reiki, Healing Touch and Body-Energy Counselling.

In her sessions, Marn creates a safe space for her clients were they can experience love, healing and self-connection. With a focus on healing and empowerment, she seeks for her clients’ highest good while working to provide balance and light. She is committed to her clients and feels fortunate to have the privilege of sharing healing energy with them.

She offers in-person sessions at her Vancouver home studio  and distance sessions by phone.

• Reduce, soothe and heal the physical symptoms of acute  and chronic ailments
• Calm anxiety and lift depression
• Balance overall energy
• Support life transitions
• Heal the connection between yourself, a significant other or family
• Cut ties with former partners during/after relationship breakups and heal heartbreak

For writers and artists, Marn applies intuitive energy work in consultations to support the body’s energy, shift patterns and blockages and access universal wisdom.

To book a session, call 604-215-1202 or contact Marn at

“My husband had been in terrible pain for 12 days with a kidney stone and was getting no help from doctors. Within half an hour of receiving distant healing from Marn, he got out of bed, had a bath, got dressed and called the B.C. NurseLine. This resulted in going back to ER, getting better medication, better information and proper pain relief. Within 48 hours, my husband passed the stone. We were both so grateful and relieved! Without Marn’s intuitive insights and healing energy this could have drawn out a lot longer and been a cause for a lot more suffering. We are so grateful that no surgery was required. Thank you, Marn for your love, care and powerful gifts!”  – Zoey Wren, Relationship Coach & Sound Healer (Vancouver)
“Marn is a wonder woman. She’s kind and deeply intuitive. She authentically engages with her clients and helps guide them to a stronger understanding of self, all the while listening and never imposing. I’ve had several long distance sessions with Marn and always leave protected, loved and more aware than before. A gift!”  – Anastasia Koutalianos (Vancouver)