I’ve led a diverse life, have a four-decade relationship with words and bring a full spectrum of literary experience to each project I work on. Clients hire me for my educational and professional experience in the field along with my fierce devotion to them and their visions.

I have an enduring belief in each of our capacities to express ourselves creatively, and I am deeply committed to growing that potential in my clients.

Some of my greatest joys come from reading my writers’ rewrites and witnessing their growth, from listening to participants in my classes reach past their vulnerability with incredible courage to express in words what often seems inexpressible. I have a love of teaching and mentorship and find that both writing and editing for clients is a form of this expression.

There is a convergence of the logical and the intuitive in how I write and edit. It is this back and forth dance that births the copy. This same interplay guides my interactions with clients – I listen to their expressed needs and listen harder for the subtext. I am always asking myself: how can I use my mind and heart to achieve the best here? I’ve worked with many artists and writers and am particularly astute to their needs and sensitivities. I always strive to empower: what can I offer to support my client to flourish most fully?

“Marni Norwich’s natural ability to create a supportive environment conducive for creative writing is simply unparalleled!”

Caroline Crowe, Librarian, Vancouver Public Library

“Marni’s writing genius comes from some deep connection to The Goddess. It is practical, spare, incisive, grounded and always uplifting. Her spoken word pulls us with the imperative, Listen, and is impossible not to.”

Dave Dumaresq, Vancouver playwright


There is a poem buried
beneath your resistance
to this moment.
I can see the tip of its shiny head
every time you move
out of the way.

It is your reward for
showing up in this place,
despite all the rain.
 It is an excerpt
from a conversation
 you re having
with God.

You thought it needed
to come from you,
 when all this time
what was really needed
was for it to come through you.

 a circumstance that values your
surrender over your
call to arms.