Pure Word Power

         Books. Websites. Blogs. Newsletters. Feature stories. Profiles. Annual reports. Speeches. PowerPoint presentations. Media releases. White papers. Resumes. Cover letters. Bios. Artists’ statements. Course curricula. Applications.

Experience. Passion. Commitment. Technique.

Marn Norwich

“Marni is a dedicated writer who has embraced my project with compassion and care, opening herself to my concepts and stories with personal interest and professional attention to detail. She doesn’t miss a thing and is consistently mindful of flow and structure as she probes for clarity, while remaining conscientious of my particular style of writing. I recommend Marni for anyone who wants to work with someone who is purposeful, committed and enthralled with their project.”

Linda L. Nardelli, Integrative Counsellor
Mystical Intimacy, An invitation to truth and belonging